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Create content-rich virtual business meetings that come to life, boosting attention and engagement from your participants, leading to greater retention, collaboration, productivity, and cohesion.

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Why should you use Gloww for your next business meeting?

Build on-brand experience

Build an on-brand experience in minutes, with our powerful editor. Customize layouts, text copy, logos, backgrounds, fonts and more.

Engage and drive action

Add call-to-actions, live polls, quizzes and even games to transform your meetings into fun and engaging virtual experiences.

Collaborate in real time

Empower your team with real-time collaboration using Sticky Notes and Whiteboard and more.

Here are just a few of the best-loved features:

Ice Breakers

Boost audience engagement and encourage participation using wide range of fun interactive icebreakers! Try location sharing, quizzes, polling questions or fun games.

Where are you joining us by using pen, team activity online
Feedback on your meeting session

Polls & Surveys

Get your audience’s opinions in real time! Choose from a variety of poll layouts and display results in values or in percentages, either during the poll or when it’s over.

Import presentations

Import PowerPoint and PDF files to incorporate your own decks! Decide which slides to show/hide, add activities between slides, and see your audience while you present.

Success ratings online template presentation
Open discussion with team, online template

Spotlight speakers & panellists

Gloww supports up to four speakers in a single scene: Switch speakers in real time, spotlight various audience members, and easily toggle between them with ease.

Employee Recognition

Take a moment to honor and celebrate the exceptional contributions of your employees. 

Employee of the month template
to-do list template shared with the team

Whiteboard & Sticky Notes

Boost team collaboration with real-time whiteboard and sticky notes. Brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and visualize concepts together. Stay organized with task lists and prioritize features. Foster personal connections by sharing stories. 

What can you use Gloww for?

Whether it’s an all-hands meeting, webinar, QBR or any other type of meeting, you will be able to create a great-looking interactive virtual business meeting in a matter of minutes.

Bring a whole new level of engagement to your all-hands meetings! Play live music, launch polls, quizzes, word clouds, spin the wheel, and so much more.

All the tools you need to convert your audience into loyal fans and customers. HD video, Polls & Surveys, Whiteboards, Live reactions, and so much more.


Supercharge your quarterly business review! Level up your existing materials with live polls, interactive brainstorming, retrospective activities, and much more.

Stunning events made easy!

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