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Music, HD Video, Polls, Quizzes, Spin Wheel, Live reactions, Games and so much more. 

Flexible audience sizes.

Host an intimate webinar for just a few, or a mega event for up to 200 participants in real time! Gloww also support up to 4 speakers in a single scene.

connect with your audience
live chat

Live chat

Use the Live Chat feature to encourage lively discussions with your audience. Participants can send messages, share files, links, emojis and animated GIFs.

Access from any device

Gloww supports all desktop and mobile devices and all browsers in HD! No download is needed.

all devices with hd glory
session recording

Session Recordings

Record your sessions and send to participants to watch again later, including those who weren’t able to make it to the live event.

Spotlight speakers & panellists

Gloww supports up to four speakers in a single scene: Switch speakers in real time, spotlight various audience members, and easily toggle between them with ease.

speakers and attendee spotlight
stream from anywhere

Stream from Anywhere

Gloww webinars are hosted in the cloud, so you can connect to your account from any computer.

Stunning, event-ready templates

Use one of our beautiful, customizable templates (or create one from scratch) and a huge variety of images and videos to create an amazing webinar experience.

Modifying meeting templates online, drag and drop features
share screen

Share your screen

No more anxious fumbling about to get your screen to share properly! Sharing your screen with Gloww is easy and fuss-free.

Import presentations

Import PowerPoint and PDF files to incorporate your own decks! Decide which slides to show/hide, add activities between slides, and see your audience while you present.

import presentations
poll and surveys

Live Polls & Surveys

Get your audience’s opinions in real time! Choose from a variety of poll layouts and display results in values or in percentages, either during the poll or when it’s over.

Play videos in HD

Upload your own videos or choose video from our Video Library – right within the webinar environment or in full screen without the need to share your screen or launch a new browser window.

HD video
background music

Play Live Music

Add another dimension to your session with music! Upload your own mp3, wav or m4a audio files or choose from our Audio Library to add background music in your welcome scene or during activities. You can even create audio-based music games like ‘name that tune’.

Ice Breakers

Boost engagement in your webinar with interactive icebreakers! Try location sharing, quizzes, polling questions or a fun game of ‘Two Truths and a Lie’.

where are you from activity
Live Reactions

Live Reactions

Use Live Reactions to allow your audience to express themselves. They can use emoticons, emojis, and hand gestures to provide real-time feedback, making your virtual meetings more engaging and interactive.

Whiteboard & Sticky Notes

Encourage your webinar audience to collaborate on a particular task in real time with our Whiteboard and Sticky Notes live apps.

live buzzer

Live Buzzer

Nothing livens up an interactive game live a live buzzer! Great for trivia sessions, Live Q&As, and more.

Random Picker

Add an adrenalin rush for extra excitement with activities that require a ‘spin-the-wheel’ style random selection of audience members, prizes, tasks, etc. – in real time!

wheel of fortune
embed calendly

Embed Calendly

Use the momentum of your webinar to encourage follow-up meeting, by allowing participants to book them via Calendly during the session.

Embed Google Forms

Embed google forms or any other form to collect information from your participants during your live webinar.

embed forms
shopify embed

Embed your Shopify

Embed products or sell your course via Shopify right from within your webinar, allowing your audience to purchase without using an external link.

Embed any HTML

Use our HTML app to embed any HTML code, email signups, widgets, forms, html games etc.

html embed
drawing board

Drawing Board

Bring out your audience’s creative flair with a fun doodling activity.

Play YouTube videos

Play YouTube videos – right within the webinar environment without the need to share your screen or launch a new browser window.

youtube video
marketing tools integrations

Integrate popular marketing tools

Gloww is fully integrated with your external marketing tools to make your webinar-related processes even more efficient.

Email and SMS Reminders

Remind your registrants about your webinar using an email and SMS sequence.

email and sms reminders
live streaming

Stream to Social Networks

Extend the reach of your webinar by streaming it to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other social networks, so attendees can access it from wherever they like.

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