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Create highly-interactive, browser-based team-building events in just minutes! Play music and video, launch polls, quizzes, word clouds, whiteboards, games and much more.

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Why should you use Gloww for your next team activity?

Setup team activity in minutes

Select a template, customize it to your liking, and go live within minutes.

Ready-made experiences

Variety of ready-made experiences like Music Trivia, Team Happy Hour, Friday Fun, and more.

Boost employee enagagment

Leverage interactive tools to enhance employee retention, productivity, and team cohesion.

Here are just a few of the best-loved features:

Live Music

Add another dimension to your session with music! Upload your own mp3, wav or m4a audio files or choose from our Audio Library to add background music in your welcome scene or during activities. You can even create audio-based music games like ‘name that tune’.

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Polls and Surveys template asking your team online

Live Polls & Surveys

Get your audience’s opinions in real time! Choose from a variety of poll layouts and display results in values or in percentages, either during the poll or when it’s over.

Draw Prizes

Add an adrenalin rush for extra excitement with activities that require a ‘spin-the-wheel’ style random selection of audience members, prizes, tasks, etc. – in real time!

spin the wheel online trivia game
guess the word games, team building activities

Fun games

Enhance your event experience by adding a range of interactive games like trivia, drawing activities, “Name That Tune,” word games, and more, ensuring that your attendees have an enjoyable and unforgettable time.

Employee Recognition

Showcase employee successes and demonstrate appreciation for their hard work and contributions.

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Scribble with team online meeting

Drawing Board

Bring out your audience’s creative flair with a fun doodling activity.

What can you use Gloww for?

Whether you’re organizing a team happy hour, Friday fun event, holiday party, or a casual team building activity, you can effortlessly create an impressive and interactive virtual experience within minutes.

Bring a whole new level of engagement to your all-hands meetings! Play music and video, launch polls, quizzes, word clouds, spin the wheel, and so much more.

All the tools you need to convert your audience into loyal fans and customers.HD video, Music, Polls, Whiteboards, Live reactions, and so much more.

Impress your audience with a highly interactive, beautifully designed presentation. Add real-time polls, quizzes, HD Video, Whiteboards and so much more.

Stunning events made easy!

Make your next meeting delightful and engaging with Gloww. Start free!

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