Add and Control a Video File

Add and Control a Video File

Easily enhance your Gloww sessions by incorporating video content and controlling playback options. Follow these simple steps to integrate videos into your sessions:

1. Select the session you wish to edit.

2. Navigate to the desired scene location and add a new scene by clicking on + ‘Add Scene’ on the left of the storyboard.

adding video 1

3. Click on ‘Main Content’.

adding video 2

4. Select ‘Video’ scene option.

adding video 3

5. Open the settings toolbar by clicking on the video.

control video 1

6. Click on ‘Replace with upload’ to choose a file from your computer.

control video 2

7. Click on ‘Playback’ for video control options.

control video 3

8. Playback options –
Auto play – The video will begin playing automatically as soon as you navigate to the scene.
Loop video – The video will continuously replay in a loop until you move to the next scene.
Hide while not playing – This option hides the video when it’s not actively playing.
Allow participants control – toggle this feature to allow participants control play and pause.

control video 4
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