Adding a Photo Quiz

Adding a Photo Quiz

The Photo Quiz app adds a new dimension to your interactive sessions by turning photos into a guessing game. Participants upload photos in advance, and others guess the owner of each photo, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

1. Select the session you’d like to edit, and choose the location on the storyboard where you want to add the Photo Quiz.

Adding a Photo Quiz 1

2. Click on ׳Add Scene׳.

Adding a Photo Quiz 2

3. Click on ׳Games & Activities׳.

Adding a Photo Quiz 3

4. Select ׳Photo Quiz: Who’s Pic Is This?׳ (or any other Photo Quiz scene)

Adding a Photo Quiz4

5. Once the Photo Quiz scene is added, click on Ask Audience for photos.

7. When participants upload photos, a new quiz scene is created, and the host receives an email notification.

Adding a Photo Quiz 6

8. In the live session, participants will see a scene with a photo and must guess the owner. The correct answer is the name of the participant who has uploaded the photo

Adding a Photo Quiz 7

The Photo Quiz app enhances your Gloww sessions by adding an element of fun and interaction. It’s an excellent way to engage participants and create memorable experiences.

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