Secure Session Ask to join, Login and Domains

Secure Session Ask to join, Login and Domains

Explore enhanced access controls for your Gloww sessions with three distinct options:

  1. Ask to Join: Activate this feature to require participants to request access before entering a session, providing the host with approval control.
  2. Need to Login: Ensure added security by requiring participants to log in before joining, enhancing the overall integrity of your sessions.
  3. Allow Users from a Specific Domain: Tailor access permissions by restricting entry to users from a specific domain, offering a customized approach to session security.

Learn how to implement these options and customize your session access for a seamless and secure experience.

1. Select the session you’d like to edit.

2. Click on Settings on the top right bar.

3. Control your Gloww sessions with these options:

  1. Participants need to ask to join – requires participants to request access and host approval.
  2. Participants need to login to join – requires participants to log in Gloww before joining.
  3. Only allow users from a specific domains – tailor access permissions.

4. During the live session: Joining requests will appear on the lower right side.

5. Click participants panel on the lower black bar to see all the requests.

6. Approve all or each request separately.

7. Participants that ‘Need to log in’ will see this entering page, click on Continue to proceed with log in to Gloww.

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