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Guinness World Record Team Activity


Discover an exhilarating online team activity on the Guinness World Record! Test your knowledge with a true or false quiz, and guess the record holder. Explore snapshots of record holders, find differences, draw a line to victory, and share bizarre records. Join for a memorable time of teamwork and excitement as we celebrate incredible feats from around the world!


True or False quiz
Guess the record holder
Two truths and a lie
Record holders snapshots
Find the differences
Record-breaking artists
Draw a line
Bizarre records sharing
Guess the record holder

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Frequently Asked Questions

This template is designed for teams looking to engage in a unique and fun activity inspired by Guinness World Records. It’s suitable for virtual team-building events, encouraging collaboration and creativity.
Make this activity fun by encouraging team members to set and attempt creative Guinness World Records in a virtual setting. Foster a lighthearted and competitive spirit, and celebrate the team’s achievements together.
Conducting the activity involves assigning record-setting challenges to team members, tracking their attempts, and recognizing successful records during a virtual gathering. Use our template to organize and document the entire process.
Players answer questions individually, and points are awarded based on correct answers and speed. You can choose from different scoring options to create a competitive or collaborative atmosphere.

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