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Fun Mini Trivia: Neon


This template is a mini-trivia experience that offers maximum excitement for teams of all sizes. Based on a funky neon theme, participants can break the ice and interact with trivia games, fast–and-fun hit the buzzer questions, true or false challenges, and draw the line between countries and capital cities. Take a break from work, and build connections based on fun!


Trivia quiz
Hit the buzzer questions
True/false trivia challenge
Connect the country & city

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a pre-designed framework for hosting quick and engaging trivia games during meetings, specifically using a vibrant neon theme. It provides structure, questions, activities, and visuals to make your trivia sessions exciting and enjoyable for participants.
Playing trivia virtually is a breeze with our neon template. It includes a user-friendly format for hosting virtual trivia sessions, making it enjoyable for participants of all skill levels.
Our neon trivia template is designed for small to medium-sized groups, ensuring an inclusive and engaging experience for participants.
Inject fun into your trivia sessions with our template, featuring a variety of entertaining and thought-provoking questions to keep participants entertained and challenged.

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