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Online Summer Games for Team Building


This fun-packed online summer games template is hot-hot-hot! Team building activities include sun-baked guessing games, word scramble, and quizzes in true/false or multiple choice formats. Ask participants to draw their best summer memory, and give well-deserved shoutouts to colleagues. Bring beach-y vibes to the office and boost team spirit.


Summer activity poll
Summer time matching
Guess the summer flick
True/false quiz
Summer multiple choice quiz
Word scramble
Draw your summer memory
Employee shoutouts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Host a fun virtual summer activity using our templates, which include games and challenges such as ”guess the summer flick” and ”draw your summer memory”, and interactive elements designed to bring the joy of summer to your team in an online setting.
Our templates offer a variety of summer-themed games and activities, ensuring your virtual summer team activity is filled with excitement and enjoyment for all participants.
The Online Summer Team Activity Template is ideal for remote teams, organizations, and groups seeking a virtual and engaging way to celebrate the summer season together. Whether you’re working with colleagues, planning a virtual summer event, or organizing a team-building session, this template is tailored to infuse the spirit of summer into your online interactions.
Maximize the effectiveness of the Online Summer Team Activity Template with these key strategies: Team Bonding: Use summer-themed games and challenges to foster team bonding and create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Customization: Tailor the activities to suit the preferences and dynamics of your team, ensuring everyone can actively participate. Variety: Include a mix of games, trivia, and collaborative challenges to keep the activity dynamic and engaging. Interactive Elements: Incorporate multimedia elements such as visuals, music, or themed backgrounds to enhance the virtual summer experience. Scoring and Rewards: Introduce a friendly competition with a scoring system and rewards to add an element of excitement and motivation. Reflection: Conclude the activity with a brief reflection or discussion, allowing participants to share their experiences and celebrate the virtual summer gathering.

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