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Online Team Building Activity


Let’s get casual! This template mixes business with pleasure in the best possible way. Break the ice with activities like guess the movie and name that tune. Get more personal by asking team members to draw their mood and guess the baby in the photo. Plus, add a touch of business with team updates and shoutouts. It’s the perfect blend of fun and focus for every team.


Draw your mood
Guess the baby game
Team updates
Team shoutouts
Guess the movie
Name that tune
Trivia quiz question

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore a variety of virtual team games in our templates, including trivia, scavenger hunts, and collaborative challenges. They promote team bonding and engagement in a virtual setting.
Our templates offer a range of games, from icebreakers to problem-solving activities, fostering camaraderie and team spirit in virtual team building meetings.
Having fun with your team virtually is easy with our templates. Choose from interactive games, challenges, and activities designed to bring joy and laughter to your virtual team interactions.
30-60 minutes is a good range for most activities. Consider the attention span of your team and the complexity of the activity. You can also break up longer activities into smaller sessions.

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