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Team Building Activities for Small Groups


Make small team meetings big on productivity with this easy template that includes everything you need. Boost participation with simple share screen functionality, and get the ideas flowing with a group discussion. The virtual whiteboard is great for brainstorming and exploring, while the sticky notes are a fun way to encourage teammates to have their say. Size doesn’t matter!


Presenter’s share screen
Group discussion
Virtual white board
Virtual sticky notes

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Frequently Asked Questions

onducting a small team meeting is made easy with our template. It provides a structured format for efficient communication, agenda setting, and collaborative discussions.
Structuring a team meeting involves defining objectives, setting an agenda, and ensuring active participation. Our template assists in organizing content and fostering a productive atmosphere for your small team meetings.
Crafting a concise meeting agenda is crucial for time-efficient discussions. Our template includes sections for key topics, updates, and action items, helping you create a focused and effective short meeting agenda.
Rushing through the agenda, neglecting icebreakers, ignoring feedback, and failing to assign clear action items.
They save time and effort by providing a ready-made structure, improve meeting focus and efficiency, ensure key topics are covered, and promote consistent and productive meetings.

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