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Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Trivia


Have yourself some awesome team building on March 17 with the St. Patrick’s Day trivia template. From Guinness beer to four leaf clovers and leprechauns, test your team’s knowledge about Irish traditions with a fun trivia quiz and true/false questions. Ramp up the good-natured competition with hit-the-buzzer questions and see who wins first. It’s the luck of the Irish!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Play St. Patrick’s Day trivia with ease using our templates. Customize the questions and format to create a lively and entertaining trivia game that adds a festive touch to your celebration.
The duration of St. Patrick’s Day trivia is flexible and depends on your preferences. Our templates offer a range of questions, allowing you to tailor the game’s length to suit your event. However, a typical St. Patrick’s Day team activity is 45 minutes long.
Question: What is the symbol associated with St. Patrick’s Day? Answer: Shamrock. Question: Which color is traditionally associated with St. Patrick’s Day? Answer: Green. Question: St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is credited with driving what out of the country? Answer: Snakes. Question: What traditional Irish dish is commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day? Answer: Corned beef and cabbage. Question: In which century did St. Patrick live? Answer: 5th century. Feel free to use these for your St. Patrick’s Day trivia!
The St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Templates are perfect for anyone seeking a festive and entertaining way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re organizing a virtual event for friends, family, or colleagues, these templates cater to a diverse audience looking to add a fun and educational element to their St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Engage participants in an enjoyable trivia experience with questions related to Irish culture, history, and traditions. Customize the template to suit the preferences and knowledge levels of your audience, making it an ideal choice for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of all kinds.

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