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Team Happy Hour


Turn your team’s happy hour into a virtual happening! Come together with a trivia quiz, true or false challenge, and hit-the-buzzer game. Encourage people to draw their weekend plans, share their ‘useless’ talent, and play truth or dare. Wherever team members are located, they can participate in a spirit-building experience that is light, fun, and completely happy.


Guess the picture
Draw your weekend plans
What’s your useless talent?
Trivia quiz
Emoji quiz
Matching game
Employee of the week
Group picture

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Frequently Asked Questions

Make the team happy hour fun with our template, which provides a variety of engaging activities and icebreakers to ensure an enjoyable and relaxed virtual happy hour experience for your team.
Planning a team happy hour is made easy with our template, offering a range of activities and ideas to create a lively and enjoyable virtual happy hour for your team.
Absolutely! Our team happy hour template is designed to make virtual happy hours enjoyable for everyone, fostering team connections, and providing a platform for relaxation and camaraderie.
The template provides everything you need, but you can personalize it by adding your own questions, music, or polls.

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