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Hippie Green Template for Virtual Meetings


Set your next team activity to a psychedelic vibe! This fun, fab template includes a selection of groovy games, like guess the word by emojis, hit-the-buzzer questions, and guess the baby photo. Get even more interactive with judge-your-colleague’s drawing activity and teammates acting out scenes according to the alphabet. It’s happy, it’s hippie, it’s team building.


Emoji word quiz
Two truths & a lie
Guess the baby photo
Hit the buzzer quiz
Whose line? Act-it-out
Caption this!
Art critique game
Team updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

The “Hippie Green” template embraces a free-spirited and nature-inspired theme with its unique green palette. It offers a relaxed and earthy vibe, fostering a connection with nature during virtual team activities.
Perfect for teams seeking a nature-loving and laid-back atmosphere in their virtual engagements, this template is designed for those who appreciate the calming influence of green hues during team activities.
Make the most of the Hippie Green Virtual Team Activity Template by incorporating the following strategies: Nature-Inspired Icebreakers: Initiate your team activity with icebreakers that align with the earthy and nature-inspired theme, creating a relaxed and connected atmosphere. Green-Themed Collaborations: Encourage team collaboration with activities that resonate with the calming influence of green hues, fostering creativity and a sense of unity. Backgrounds and Visuals: Utilize green backgrounds, nature graphics, and visuals to enhance the overall hippie green aesthetic, immersing participants in a serene and natural environment. Mindful Reflection: Introduce moments of mindful reflection or meditation within your team activity, leveraging the template’s calming green tones to create a tranquil virtual space. Casual Conversations: Capitalize on the laid-back vibe of the template for casual and open discussions, promoting a friendly and inclusive team experience.
For the “Hippie Green” Virtual Team Activity Template, you can invite a range of participants, accommodating meetings with 3 to 30 participants. This flexibility ensures that the template is suitable for both smaller, more intimate team gatherings and moderately sized team meetings. Whether you have a close-knit group or a slightly larger team, the Hippie Green template provides a serene and nature-inspired backdrop for your virtual engagements.

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