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Online Team Activity Pastel


Pretty pastel template offers a fun and focused team-building vibe. Combine ice-breaking activities with deep-dive presentations and group discussions that are all business. Play truth or dare, would you rather…?, and other games to get to know each other better. Plus, presenters can share their screen with a simple click. Personal, professional – it’s the best of all worlds.


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Would you rather…?
Teammate presentation
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Live poll
Truth or dare
Team discussion
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Frequently Asked Questions

This team activity template stands out with its pastel color scheme, creating a visually pleasing and calming atmosphere for virtual team engagements. It adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your online team activities.
Designed for teams seeking a softer and more relaxed virtual team experience, this template appeals to those who appreciate pastel aesthetics and a laid-back atmosphere during their team activities.
Optimize the use of the Pastel Virtual Team Activity Template with these effective strategies: Visual Harmony: Leverage the pastel color scheme to create a visually harmonious and calming environment during virtual team engagements. Themed Activities: Align the content and activities with the pastel aesthetic, incorporating themes that resonate with the softer color palette. Collaborative Projects: Encourage teamwork through pastel-themed collaborative projects, fostering creativity and a sense of unity. Backgrounds and Visuals: Utilize pastel backgrounds, graphics, and visuals to enhance the overall aesthetic of your virtual team activity. Casual Engagement: Capitalize on the laid-back atmosphere provided by the pastel template for a more relaxed and enjoyable team experience. Icebreakers: Initiate team activities with pastel-themed icebreakers to set a positive and welcoming tone.
The Pastel Virtual Team Activity Template is flexible and accommodating, suitable for small groups as well as larger teams. You can invite anywhere from 3 to 200 participants, ensuring that teams of various sizes can enjoy the visual and collaborative benefits of the pastel-themed template.

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