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Virtual Team Building Games


Make your team weekly both informative and fun with virtual team building games. Get teammates involved with a shared drawing activity, and ask them to set next week’s priorities with a virtual sticky note board. Include news & updates and virtual brainstorming, plus easy share screen for guest speakers and drag & drop files for team learning and presentations. And don’t forget the meme breaks!


Virtual drawing board
Team priorities sticky note
News & updates
Meme breaks
Speakers’ share screen
Virtual brainstorming
Drag & drop PDF or PPT
Kudos shoutout

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Frequently Asked Questions

Playing team building games is simplified with our template. It provides a structured and engaging platform for virtual team activities, fostering collaboration and enhancing team dynamics.
Having fun at work, even in a virtual setting, is essential for maintaining a positive and productive work environment. This can be done through team building activities, themed virtual meetings, online challenges, virtual coffee breaks etc.
Foster open communication and collaboration by utilizing virtual team-building activities and regular check-ins to create a sense of connection. Clearly define roles and expectations, providing structure and transparency to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities. Leverage collaborative tools and platforms to facilitate seamless teamwork, document sharing, and real-time communication among remote team members.
The virtual team building template is ideal for team leaders, managers, HR professionals, and anyone responsible for organizing and facilitating team-building activities in a virtual environment. It caters to individuals and teams looking to enhance camaraderie, communication, and engagement among remote team members.

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