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Virtual Guess Who Game


Effortlessly collect images from your team and generate interactive activities with just a few clicks. Bring laughter and nostalgia to your team with our ‘Guess the Baby’ picture game template. Strengthen bonds as you identify team members from their childhood pictures. An engaging game that adds a touch of fun to your virtual meetings. Foster connection and enjoy moments of shared joy with this delightful team activity.


Guess the Baby
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Frequently Asked Questions

This template is for anyone who wants to host a virtual team building activity. It is specifically designed to be used for baby photo guessing games, but it can be customized to fit other needs.
Sharing baby photos and guessing who the baby is, playing baby trivia, creating a collaborative baby shower guest book, having a virtual baby shower fashion show
To play the baby photo guessing game, collect baby photos of the parents-to-be or the birthday child in advance. Number each photo and create corresponding answer sheets where guests can write their guesses for each baby photo. During the game, display the baby photos one by one and have guests guess who each baby is. After all photos have been shown, reveal the correct answers and award prizes to the guests with the most correct guesses.
Customize the template. You can add your own questions to the template, or use the ones that are provided. Then invite your attendees. Arrange the photos in a visually appealing display or create a slideshow presentation for easy viewing. You can use a variety of engagement features, such as polls, quizzes, and chat.

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