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"From the curated content, intuitive tools and outstanding hands on customer service, Gloww has very much delivered for my team and I on all fronts! "
Picture of Grace White
Grace White


September 10, 2023
"Our remote team crosses states from the East Coast to the West Coast. This app brings us all together for our monthly meetings but also adds a fun element of games that allow us a bit of downtime to enjoy the camaraderie and competition."
Angela Baldwin

NTI, Inc.

August 31, 2023
"Rather than the boring team meeting, our last team meeting was lot's of fun using Gloww. My boss has asked me to share this with other managers."
John Little


August 29, 2023
"Everyone had a blast with lots of laughs and it was as if we were in the same room! Thanks for such a great tool!"
Kelsey Roberts


August 29, 2023
"Gloww has helped to keep up morale during regular virtual meetings. The interactive features, all while maintaining the video-call element of a meeting keeps everyone engaged."
Picture of Maura Heckman
Maura Heckman

Cameron Firm, PC

August 8, 2023
"Gloww was the best I had seen for online meetings, interactive with music. I adopted the platform for our Culture committee and host a quarterly new hire connection hour online."
Picture of Rebecca Adolf
Rebecca Adolf

Follett Learning

August 8, 2023
"The innovation that Gloww has brought to promote interactivity and engagement in live sessions has been incredible. Learning and meetings should have this fun and visually attractive to gain the audience's attention and Gloww helps accomplish that."
Picture of Diana Diaz
Diana Diaz


July 24, 2023
"I have been using the Gloww platform to build out team building activities for our fully remote, global company, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The experiential elements Gloww offers have truly transformed our weekly all hands "Empower Hours" into engaging and interactive sessions filled with fun. "
Picture of McKenzie Satterthwaite
McKenzie Satterthwaite

Premium Blend

July 17, 2023
"Gloww revolutionized our webinar experience. The interactive features provided an engaging experience for our audience, resulting in remarkable conversion rates."
Picture of Prince Zeeshan Ali
Prince Zeeshan Ali


July 16, 2023
"Gloww made our all-hands meetings seamless and time-efficient. With pre-designed meetings and integrated content, we saved valuable preparation time."
Picture of Brandy Burbridge
Brandy Burbridge

Randstad Sourceright

July 16, 2023
"I initially used Gloww for a team meeting that is usually kind of long and boring, and it successfully sparked creativity and brought people out of their shells. Encouraged by its effectiveness, I decided to utilize it for a team collaboration whiteboarding session. The use of Gloww for team collaborations and enjoyable virtual games has been a game changer."
Sandee Ditt

Massachusetts Bay Transportation

July 16, 2023
"I can't recommend this product enough, and it was so fun and easy to use, and we had constant smiles on our faces. Remote, hybrid, or office work I think every team and company can benefit from using Gloww."
Picture of  Brandy Mangum
Brandy Mangum

LMS Company

July 13, 2023
"We were thoroughly impressed with your product. We had our meet and greet, for our New Employee orientation group, we used Gloww to help our new employees to break the ice. It was very easy to use and innovative. We will be using the programs in our business."
L. Beggs

Anywhere Travel Solutions, LLC

July 12, 2023
"Since I found Gloww, our team meetings have become the highlight of our week! We engage in enjoyable activities, and the time I spend creating the meetings has been reduced by 80%!"
Picture of L. Postan
L. Postan
July 11, 2023