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Colorful All Hands Meeting Template


Bring a splash of fun to the usual ‘town hall’ so there’s never a dull moment. Mash up the all hands meeting with team spotlights, shoutouts, interactive games and prizes. Simply drag-and-drop to add a PowerPoint presentation, and share the stage with co-speakers at a click. This template makes it so easy to prepare and deliver an attention-grabbing company-wide meeting.


PowerPoint sharing
Company trivia quiz
Team shoutouts
Prize buzzer
Prize wheel

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Frequently Asked Questions

This template provides a vibrant and engaging framework for your virtual All Hands meetings, fostering team connection and communication through interactive activities and visually appealing elements.
The template is flexible, allowing you to adjust the duration based on your agenda and team size. Most All Hands meetings last between 30-60 minutes.
It’s suitable for both small and large teams. Adjust the activities and time allotment based on your size.
Absolutely! Choose the activities you like, modify existing ones, or add your own favorite icebreakers and games. You can also customize colors and fonts to align with your brand.

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