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All Hands Online: Pastel


Looking to create an all hands meeting that’s both business-like and breezy? Look no further than this pastel template. Spotlight important achievements, hold Q&As, and share guest speaker screens and presentations with ease. Plus inject some fun with quizzes, polls and prize-winning games. This template strikes the perfect balance of easygoing and professional.


Monthly achievements
Quizzes & polls
Drag & drop PDF or PPT
Click-the-buzzer Q&A
Team spotlight
Guest speaker share screen
Prize buzzer

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Frequently Asked Questions

An all hands agenda outlines the topics and flow of an all hands meeting. Our pastel template incorporates a structured agenda section to help you plan and present an organized meeting.
The term “all hands” emphasizes the involvement of every team member. Our pastel template caters to this inclusivity, ensuring that your presentation addresses the entire team.
A company all hands structure typically includes updates from leadership, department highlights, and Q&A sessions. Our pastel template aligns with this structure, providing a visually appealing framework for your company-wide meetings.
The ideal frequency for All Hands Online meetings depends on several factors, and there’s no single “correct” answer. With diverse teams and schedules, consider monthly or quarterly meetings to ensure everyone stays connected. With close-knit teams, more frequent meetings (weekly or bi-weekly) might be valuable for fostering community and communication.

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