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Virtual Employee Onboarding Presentation


Give a warm, immersive welcome to new hires. This employee onboarding template includes self-learning sections, such as company core values, team structure and a helpful onboarding checklist. Virtual buddy chat and live Q&A are the perfect meet-and greet. Plus, the company ‘vibes’ video and quick quiz make the best interactive introduction to your company.


Company timeline
Company values
Meet your team
Onboarding buddy chat
Office vibes
Onboarding checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effectively present the onboarding process with our template, guiding you through key steps and information to ensure a smooth and informative orientation for new employees.
The 4 C’s of onboarding—Compliance, Clarification, Culture, and Connection—are crucial for successful onboarding. Our template incorporates these elements to create a comprehensive and engaging presentation.
The 5 C’s, including Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection, and Check Back, contribute to a holistic onboarding experience. Our template integrates these aspects to help you cover all bases in your onboarding presentation.
Save time and effort, ensure a consistent experience for new hires, improve the quality and professionalism of your presentation, and avoid starting from scratch.
Personalize the content with real-life examples, success stories, team member names, and specific information relevant to the new hire’s role.

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