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Intro to Artificial Intelligence


Dive into the future with our intro to AI template! Delve into AI concepts, take a quiz, ponder AI vs. Human scenarios, discuss ethics with sticky notes, and unleash creativity as you ‘draw the future.’ Explore the possibilities and intricacies of artificial intelligence in this interactive session.


What is AI
Buzzer questions
Summary quiz
Machine Learning
AI or Human
Generative AI
Ethics sticky note
Draw the future

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Frequently Asked Questions

This template is designed for teams interested in an introductory exploration of artificial intelligence (AI). It caters to those seeking a structured and informative AI-related activity.
Make the introduction to AI fun by incorporating interactive elements, quizzes, and collaborative discussions. Our template provides a structured framework for teams to engage with AI concepts in an enjoyable way.
Conducting the introduction to AI activity involves facilitating discussions, presenting key concepts, and encouraging participant interaction. Our template guides you through creating an informative and engaging AI exploration for your team.
No prior understanding of AI is necessary! The template is designed to be accessible to everyone, from complete beginners to those with a basic grasp of the concept.

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