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Virtual Product Sales Training: Dark


Add some gravity to your sales training with a bold dark background. This template includes product features and benefits, competitors, customer personas, pricing plans, comparison charts and more. Include some spice with interactive question wheels and FAQ buzzer contests. This template will turn heads and make any product sales training session unforgettable.


Product features & benefits
Embedded product video
Presentation screen share
Customer personas
Pricing plans
Overview & comparison charts
FAQ buzzer question
True or false product quiz

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales product training equips individuals or teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively sell specific products or services, often online.
Online product sales training can be approached by developing a customized program tailored to your product and goals, or hiring a sales training professional to design a personalized program.
When selecting a training template, consider factors such as your product’s complexity, team experience level, training goals alignment, platform compatibility, and budget constraints to ensure an effective match for your needs
Using templates for training programs saves time and effort by offering a pre-made framework, ensures consistency in training quality across teams, provides variety with included elements like quizzes and multimedia, and incorporates best practices for effective training methods and frameworks.

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