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Virtual Community Meetup


Maximum interactivity is what this template is all about! The meetup online groups template includes dynamic group activities, like ‘for or against’ panel, white board discussions, and ‘push to share’ buzzer that encourages community. End the meetup with a smile and a group selfie. There’s no easier or funner way to build a sense of togetherness online.


Word cloud game
For or against panel
White board discussion
What’s next
Push to share buzzer
Selfie time

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online Meetup is a virtual gathering where people with shared interests connect, collaborate, and engage. It facilitates meaningful interactions and discussions in a digital environment.
The best way to use an online meetup is to create a structured agenda, encourage active participation, and leverage interactive features to enhance engagement. It’s an ideal template for networking and knowledge-sharing.
The online meetup template is perfect for organizers, community leaders, and individuals seeking to host virtual gatherings with a structured format. It caters to those who want to bring people together around shared interests, fostering a sense of community and collaboration in the digital realm.
Maximize the effectiveness of the online meetup template by customizing it to suit your specific event needs. Clearly outline the agenda, incorporate interactive elements, and provide essential information for participants. Encourage active involvement, use breakout sessions for focused discussions, and make use of multimedia for a dynamic and engaging experience.

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