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Virtual Quarterly Planning


This template puts the fun in planning. Kick off your quarterly planning meeting with an interactive poll and word cloud activity, then get down to business with objectives and brainstorming. Outline the quarterly schedule and upcoming events, then end with a Q&A buzzer and spin the wheel prize. It’s the best way for teams to look ahead and get aligned.


Word cloud game
Objectives planning
Virtual brainstorming
Quarterly schedule
Upcoming events
Hit-the-buzzer Q&A
Spin the wheel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our template simplifies the process of writing a quarterly plan, providing a structured framework to outline goals, initiatives, timelines, and key performance indicators for effective quarterly planning.
Prepare for quarterly planning with our template by reviewing past performance, identifying key objectives, and aligning your team’s priorities, ensuring a comprehensive and well-prepared approach to the planning process.
The structure of our quarterly planning template includes sections for goal setting, action items, timelines, and metrics, offering a clear and organized format to guide your team through the strategic planning process.
The Gloww “Quarterly Planning Template” is designed for a broad audience involved in setting and achieving strategic goals within an organization or team over a 3-month period.

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