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Virtual Welcome to the Team


Welcome to the team: Get to know your colleagues, Join our interactive session aimed at fostering deeper connections among team members. Engage in trivia about the new employee and team members, share personal truths, and discover hidden talents. Let’s get to know one another and build a stronger team!


Shout-out sticky notes
Get to know new employee
Team Trivia
Buzzer challenge
Truth or Dare
Draw the team a logo
Two truths and a lie
Blast from the past memory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Say welcome professionally by crafting a warm and personalized message. Express enthusiasm about the new team member, highlight their strengths, and convey your excitement to work together. Our template offers a structured way to create a welcoming environment.
The best welcome message is one that is genuine, friendly, and sets a positive tone. Acknowledge the new team member, convey your organization’s values, and offer support. Our template provides a framework for creating impactful welcome messages.
When welcoming a new team member, express your excitement, provide essential information about the team, and offer assistance. Use our template to structure a comprehensive and friendly welcome message for the entire team.
The benefits of using this template include saving time and effort with a ready-made structure for onboarding activities, ensuring a consistent and positive onboarding experience for new team members, promoting team building and integration from the start, and offering icebreaker activities and discussion prompts to facilitate interaction.

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