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Virtual Webinar Template: Colorful


It’s colorful, it’s quirky – this template injects some interactive fun into the webinar experience. Break the ice by inviting participants to show where they are on a world map. Include a quick quiz and yes/no poll to get them involved. Plus, with built-in webinar features, like a guest interview and drag & drop presentation, you’ll definitely make a bright impression.


Ice breaker buzzer
Interactive world map
Drag & drop presentation
Full screen video
Guest interview

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Required from you
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Frequently Asked Questions

A colorful webinar template is a visually engaging and vibrant platform for hosting webinars, featuring colorful elements and interactive features to enhance the overall visual appeal and engagement of your webinar.
This template is suitable for anyone looking to host webinars with a visually appealing and vibrant design, offering a dynamic and interactive platform for engaging and informative online presentations.
No, Gloww is a browser-based application that doesn’t require users to download any software.
Yes, Gloww supports Android and iPhone mobile devices with the following operating system versions: iPhone with iOS version 15 and up with one of these browsers: Chrome browser version 101 and up Safari browser version 15 and up iPhone with iPadOS version 15 and up with one of these browsers: Chrome browser version 101 and up Safari browser version 15 and up Android smartphone or tablet with version 10 and up with a Chrome browser version 101 and up
Make your webinar fun with our colorful webinar template, which incorporates vibrant visuals, interactive elements, and engaging content to create an enjoyable and memorable webinar experience for your audience.
Yes! Choose the activities you like, modify existing ones, or add your own favorite interactive elements. You can also customize the color scheme and fonts to match your branding.

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