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Virtual Webinar Template: Light


This webinar template features a light, bright design to keep participants on their toes. Break the ice with warm-up activities, such as polls, quizzes and an interactive ‘where are you?’ world map. Get down to the webinar with bullets, drag & drop presentation, video sharing, guest interviews and inclusive share screens. Light and easy does it!


Ice breaker buzzer
Interactive world map
Drag & drop presentation
Full screen video
Guest interview
Share screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

A light webinar template is a visually appealing and clean platform for hosting webinars, featuring a bright and minimalist design to enhance the visual clarity and engagement of your online presentations.
The Light template includes a pre-designed webinar layout with customizable sections for your title, speaker information, agenda, presentation slides, Q&A, polls, and calls to action.
Editing the light webinar template is user-friendly, allowing you to customize content, incorporate visuals, and adapt the template to suit your webinar’s specific theme or topic.
Our light webinar template is versatile, suitable for a variety of webinar topics and industries. Use it to present information, engage your audience, and create an impactful and visually pleasing webinar experience.

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