8 Sales Enablement Training Topics to Supercharge Your Sales Performance

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Sales Enablement Training_ 8 Topics for a Winning Program

Sales enablement training is focused on turning your reps into the best sellers they can possibly be. By investing in professional development, upskilling, and introducing your reps to the right content and tools, your reps stand a better chance at converting prospects into loyal customers. What’s more, sales enablement training ensures maximum efficiency, increasing productivity across the board. 

What is Sales Enablement Training?

If you’re looking to turn your sales team into dynamic deal closers, you’ll want to consider sales enablement in your training and development plan. While other types of training may introduce sales personnel to tools and basic best practices, sales enablement training teaches them how to sell products and services in the most effective manner possible. Specifically, 

However, in order to do this, your sales team needs to be fully versed on your product, and its unique selling points, and be able to demonstrate use cases to prospective clients. While great salespeople don’t need to be expert users of a product, they at least need to have in-depth technical knowledge in order to make the most convincing case possible to prospects. 

What’s more, your sales team needs to have an understanding of the sectors that your target customers occupy, along with a firm grasp on your key competitors and how your particular product compares favorably against what they’re offering. 

What is Sales Enablement Training

Benefits of a Good Sales Enablement Program

There are many reasons to invest in a sales enablement program. It can boost sales figures quickly, ensure consistent messaging from sales reps, and dramatically improve customer engagement. If you’ve invested in sales enablement tools, a robust enablement program will ensure you see ROI sooner. Furthermore, sales enablement allows you to make smarter, data-driven decisions every time

Sales Enablement Training vs Traditional Sales Training

Conventional sales training examples are more focused on developing general skills and industry knowledge. By contrast, sales enablement training hones in on the tools and strategies your team needs to become better, more efficient sellers. Both training avenues are useful and should ideally be deployed alongside each other for the best results. 

8 Sales Enablement Training Topics to Improve Your Team’s Sales Performance

Have you previously only focused on traditional sales training? Below are just a handful of sales enablement ideas to consider when taking your training to the next level. 

1. Product Knowledge and Value Proposition

If leads don’t have a handle on your product or service, they’re unlikely to convert into buyers. Investing in product training is essential if you want to transform your team into effective sellers. A good salesperson needs to think beyond listing key features of a product. Instead, the focus should be on its innate value, including how it can save your clients time and money. 

2. Customer Focus to Uncover Customer Challenges and Goals

A customer-focused mindset allows salespeople to understand the pain points of their clients. With a keen understanding of customer needs and the challenges they commonly encounter, sales teams can steer discussions toward potential solutions and product features that will help customers achieve their goals. 

3. Effective Sales Communication Skills

This one’s a no-brainer. Salespeople need to be effective communicators. A simple exchange of information isn’t enough. Sales professionals also need to be able to build rapport with customers and nurture long-lasting relationships. 

During sales enablement training, put a focus on things like active listening and sales negotiation skills. You’ll also want to stress the importance of clear communication and concise messaging. 

4. Prospecting and Lead Generation

The sales process can’t begin without prospecting and lead generation. Prospecting involves tracking down customers who might be interested in purchasing a product or service. Lead generation is more targeted, with the focus on turning prospective customers into paying ones. 

Plenty of training topics can be discussed here. Your team needs to be armed with the skills required to identify target audiences, research techniques to uncover new leads and understand the process of lead qualification. 

5. Objection Handling and Negotiation Techniques

The sales process isn’t always plain sailing, with customers likely to counter with hesitation and all manner of objections. Whether it’s uncertainty about taking the next steps or a preference for a competitor, a good sales rep knows how to manage objections and reassure an indecisive customer. 

Objection Handling and Negotiation Techniques

6. Sales Tools and Technology Mastery

Sales enablement tools training is something else you’ll want to prioritize. Customer relationship management systems (CRMs), sales enablement platforms, and email marketing tools can be used to optimize the sales process, make things more customer-focused, and yield desirable outcomes for your business. 

7. Data-Driven Sales Strategies

The right data can prove hugely beneficial to sales strategies. It can be used to tailor sales messaging to the individual and understand the specific needs of your customers. While useful for sniffing out ideal sales targets, data can also be used to identify the most loyal customers from your existing customer base. 

8. Building Strong Customer Relationships

If a salesperson can’t establish trust with a potential buyer, they stand little chance of clinching the deal. A key weapon in the arsenal of any salesperson, relationship building helps convert leads into customers and encourages an indecisive buyer further along the sales pipeline. 

Beyond Training: How You Support Sales Enablement Training

Hosting a single sales enablement workshop might introduce sales raps to a few new ideas, but it won’t yield those big benefits you’re looking for. Instead, weave sales enablement activities throughout the onboarding process, staff training exercises, and regular meetings. 

Working remotely doesn’t have to be a barrier to sales enablement training. Thanks to the magic of video conferencing, you can empower reps with the insights they need to be more effective sellers. Need some inspiration? Gloww has plenty of handy templates you can use. Why not get started with our online product sales training light theme or online product sales training dark theme?

How You Support Sales Enablement Training

The Future of Sales Enablement 

While they’ll also be a role for a successful seller, buyers are becoming increasingly aware and  discerning before committing to a deal. Sales enablement is changing to accommodate this shift, with an increasing focus on personalized interactions with individual buyers. 

Ensure Sales Enablement Training Success with Gloww

Do you operate an online-only business that employs remote sales reps? It might seem like it would be more difficult, but operating online is no obstacle to sales enablement training. With the right video conferencing platform at your disposal, you can host sales enablement activities and carry out training with your teams, wherever in the world they’re based. 

With Gloww, you can connect with your entire team at the click of a button. Want to create customized session templates? You can. Alternatively, explore our many readymade templates. You can even gamify the experience and add interactive activities to increase engagement. 

Why not get started today to see how Gloww can help you? To learn more about our advanced features, check out our premium pricing page. Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch

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