13 Best HR Training Topics For Success

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Best HR Training Topics For Success

Human resources departments play a key role in the operational success of a business and the professional development of its employees. When employees receive more support from HR teams, they’re more likely to deliver consistent performance and remain productive. However, to achieve such an outcome, you’ll need to have drawn up a comprehensive list of HR training topics for employees. 

While the rest of your workforce will inevitably need training, it’s easy to overlook the training needs of HR professionals. By investing in a training and development plan and targeting a list of HR training topics pertinent to today, you can look forward to higher rates of increased customer satisfaction, soaring productivity, and fewer financial and legal issues down the line. 

1. Understand Trends Like Remote Work, Automation, and the Gig Economy

The world of work is changing. Automation is displacing millions from the job market, remote and hybrid working is becoming the norm, and millions of workers now find themselves entwined with the gig economy. For effective HR management, your HR team needs to be fully versed in all these topics. 

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Most companies have a long way to go before they can confidently say that they’re an inclusive employer. For this to happen, organizations need to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). By holding true to these fundamental principles, employers are more likely to employ individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide range of genders, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations welcomed. 

3. Effective Engagement Strategies to Boost Morale and Productivity

If workplace productivity is experiencing a downward slump, you’ll need to reinvigorate your staff. Employee engagement strategies are a good way to do this and can be woven into everything from weekly progress sessions, to all-hands meetings, and quarterly reviews. The more you engage your employees, the happier they tend to be, resulting in increased productivity and fewer cases of burnout. 

4. Promoting Continuous Performance Improvement and Development

If employees are going to thrive in their roles, they’ll need the right tools and resources. If you’d like to be the kind of business that values its employees as its richest asset, promoting continuous improvement and professional development is a must. 

5. Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract Top Talent

It can be hard to secure the best talent for vacant positions, especially if your business is in a saturated market. A key HR training topic should be how to refine the recruitment process and encourage the most desirable candidates to accept the position once the evaluation stage is over. 

Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract Top Talent

6. Building Emotional Intelligence and Fostering Positive Team Dynamics

Emotional intelligence is often overlooked in the workplace. However, those who possess an innate affinity for it tend to be better at diffusing tense situations, managing other team members, and negotiating with customers and fellow colleagues alike. If your team currently feels fractured with little to no communication, make team dynamics an HR training topic priority

7. Recognizing Signs of Stress and Burnout in Employees

If your departments are currently looking on the light side, overworking your remaining employees is unavoidable. However, this can never be a permanent solution. The more unrealistic workloads and deadlines become, the higher the stress levels that your team has to endure. Eventually, this can lead to burnout and an employee leaving your business for good. To avoid these stress-related scenarios, make sure managers and senior team members know how to spot the telltale signs of stress and burnout. 

8. HR Analytics to Understand Workforce Trends and Make Informed Decisions

There’s no excuse for being resistant to technology in today’s commercial world. Analytics tools are an indispensable asset for HR professionals, with insights into DE&I, skills mapping, employee experience, and more. By quickly identifying trends, HR teams can deploy business-saving strategies at just the right time. What’s more, analytics take the guesswork and hunches out of the equation, leaving you with a data-driven approach that typically produces better results. 

9. Compliance Training

Few of us enjoy compliance training, but it’s an essential piece of training that everyone has to endure. Ironing out the basic processes and everyday operation of a workplace, compliance training should always be up-to-date and in line with the latest laws and regulations. Do you operate online? You might not have to undergo exhaustive compliance training, but some degree of virtual training will be required. 

10. Technology for HR Professionals

While some HR professionals might want to keep things simple with pen, paper, and archaic spreadsheets, there are far better tools out there these days. Whether it’s a new applicant tracking system, an online candidate pool, or something else, make sure you’re focusing some of your HR training on these invaluable pieces of software and tech. 

Technology for HR Professionals

11. Building Resilience and Adaptability Within the Workforce

We’d all like to experience smooth sailing in the workplace but sometimes, something comes along to rock the boat. Working conditions can become more challenging, with higher workloads and longer hours. If things are left as they are, burnout becomes inevitable, leaving your teams smaller than ever. However, there’s no need for such an outcome. By encouraging your employees to develop resilience and be more adaptable, your company will be able to weather any storm. 

12. Understanding the Needs and Working Styles of Different Generations

Older generations are typically happy to perform their duties as contracted, as well as work overtime when required. With younger people, particularly those aged under 24, there’s less of an appetite for overtime, even if the employee in question has failed to meet targets and deliver work in a set amount of time. Fortunately, it’s easy to standardize expectations and level the bar. If your business is a remote one, explore virtual training ideas to engage your staff and boost productivity. 

13. Work-Life Balance

You might not be able to offer the highest salary and your vacation allowance might fall short of some of your competitors, but your business can still be an attractive employment prospect. More now than ever before, people are waking up to the appeal of a healthier work-life balance. 

Work-Life Balance

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