How to Take Online Company Training to the Next Level

Ben Aflalo
Ben Aflalo

Head of Product at Gloww

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Virtual employee training is incredibly effective. 

For many businesses that depend on remote workers or that have adopted hybrid working models, virtual onboarding and training are essential. While taking the onboarding process online is easy enough, many companies aren’t leveraging the virtual world effectively when it comes to upskilling their workforce and developing existing skills. 

Whether you’re carrying out virtual workshops, rolling out online courses and webinars, or keeping it simple with microlearning content, online training can become a valuable asset to your business. 

Benefits of Using Gloww for Virtual Training 

Thinking about virtual training for remote workers? This approach to employee development is both cost-effective and flexible. However, to ensure you see the biggest returns, you need a corporate learning platform that can deliver. This is where Gloww comes in. 

With Gloww, you can connect with and train employees, wherever they’re based. 

When managed correctly, remote working can result in significant productivity gains. However, forcing remote employees to invest time and effort into conventional training can derail workflows. With virtual networking and remote learning, such as with the TikTok trivia template, online women’s history month trivia template, or the virtual world trivia template, this isn’t a problem. 

By using a browser-based platform like Gloww, you can take a more personalized approach to corporate learning. Rather than depend on third-party training providers that don’t really understand your company culture, you’re in the driving seat and can tailor your training program as you go. 

Virtual training also saves you a considerable amount of time. 

If you’re creating training content for onboarding, you only need to draft your material once. After that, it can be rolled out time and again. 

As well as offering video conferencing capabilities, Gloww comes with a host of virtual training tools to deliver more immersive experiences. You can introduce interactive elements and collaboration tools to increase engagement. For remote team building, you can even explore gamification in training with trivia-based activities. You can find several options in our library of templates.

Gloww can also be useful for knowledge verification purposes. By using questionnaires during an online session, you can ensure that all participants are fully comprehending the training material. 

How to Prepare for Online Company Training 

Putting together a training program for the first time? Before you can decide on which virtual training techniques to use and determine the scope of your training, you need to step back and consider a few things. 

Assessing Training Needs and Objectives 

To get the most out of online company training, you’ll need to carry out a needs assessment. Use this to analyze how effective your current strategies are and identify key performance issues. 

It’s important to use the right feedback methods here. If your organization is working remotely, first hand observation isn’t an option. Instead, use one-on-one virtual interviews and online focus groups to gather feedback. 

Identifying Key Skills and Knowledge Gaps

Next, you’ll need to determine whether or not your remote employees have the skills they need to perform their duties effectively. Key performance indicators can be useful here. You’re probably already using them to track employee progression and improve retention. If you notice any downward performance trends, it could be a sign of skill gaps and call for intervention. 

Carrying out employee assessments is also a good idea. You can keep things simple with quizzes and basic tests, or expand the framework to include more involved practical assessments. When creating these assessments, use real-world case studies that can be directly applied to your industry sector. All of these steps can be carried out online. 

Setting Clear Training Goals

Company training such as product training, motivates your employees, making them more effective and productive in their roles. However, you need to create clear training goals to make your efforts worthwhile. Goals should be specific, attainable, and easy to measure. 

Realistic training goals can include improving customer response times by a certain percentage within a particular time frame. Are your remote teams having trouble getting to grips with a particular piece of software? Set a training goal that all users should be working proficiently by the end of the quarter. 

How to Create an Online Company Training Program with Gloww

With Gloww, you can create corporate learning programs for just about any purpose. Forget about any bad experiences you’ve had with video conferencing platforms in the past. Here, you’ll find a rich suite of transformative tools that will enhance browser-based learning. 

Create Engaging and Interactive Training Content

The best training content should engage your employees and provide plenty of interactivity. When you create a training program with Gloww, you’ve got plenty of scope for making your sessions as interactive as possible. Hosting a session with dozens of attendees? 

Use live polls and surveys throughout to gather real-time insights and keep everyone engaged. 

What’s more, our platform allows you to obtain results on a per-user basis, enabling you to validate knowledge and track individual progress seamlessly. 

Join Gloww today and create training sessions that are both effective and interactive!

Incorporate Multimedia Elements 

Want to include HD video and audio assets? You can with Gloww. Simply upload your content to add it to your sessions, or take your pick from an extensive library of existing material. 

Customize Training Programs for Different Roles and Departments

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate learning. If you need to tailor training programs for different departments or specific roles, Gloww’s the ideal solution. You can make minor changes to existing templates in moments. 

Alternatively, start from scratch and create a highly personalized program. 

Implementing Virtual Training with Gloww

Never implemented virtual training sessions before? There’s no need to worry when you use Gloww. This user-friendly platform has been designed with accessibility in mind.

Features and Capabilities 

Gloww is one of the most multifaceted corporate training platforms around. As a browser-based and mobile-friendly solution, it’s incredibly accessible. What’s more, there aren’t any restrictive participant limits in place here. While you can organize intimate sessions for smaller departments, you’re also free to add up to 1000 participants to a single event. Perfect for monthly all-hands meetings with the entire company. 

Setting Up Virtual Training Sessions

Getting started with Gloww couldn’t be simpler. Readymade templates mean you don’t need any technical expertise to put the wheels in motion. Looking to create a webinar? 

Simply scroll down through a selection of suitable templates until you find one that fits the bill. You can add and remove elements to individual slides, or start from scratch. In fact, you can customize your session as much as you want. Change color schemes, add animated backgrounds, upload your corporate logo, and more. 

Once you’re done, you can create an invite link with a time and date that can be shared with all planned participants. Provided attendees have a stable internet connection, they’ll have no issues getting involved. 

Utilizing Interactive Whiteboards and Collaboration Tools

What really sets Gloww apart from the competition is its incredible selection of collaboration tools. Perfect for virtual team building and corporate learning, these tools are handy for breakout sessions. Digital whiteboards are ideal for brainstorming activities, while sticky notes can be enabled for every participant. 

Users are also free to share documents. 

Embrace Online Company Training with Gloww

Whether this is your first foray into the world of online company training or you’re simply looking for a more reliable provider, Gloww is the obvious choice. 

With an unbeatable selection of interactive and collaboration tools, not to mention beginner-friendly templates and intuitive session design, you’ll be able to put together a winning training program in no time at all. 

You’re free to get started with Gloww today. Alternatively, take a look at our pricing plans if you’re thinking about upgrading to a premium account. Still have questions? Get in touch with the team via the online contact form.

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