18 Free Virtual Trivia Games for Work and Teambuilding (2024)

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Trivia games are a staple of team building sessions. Does your business operate online and depend on remote employees? Just because everyone’s working in the digital sphere, doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the potential of virtual team trivia

Whether it’s a round of multiple- choice questions, a game of name that tune, or a more personalized experience using your employees as inspiration, virtual trivia is guaranteed to boost engagement and break the ice. Searching for ideas for your next team building event? We’ve put together a list of 18 of the best free virtual trivia games for work that everyone will love. 

Our Top 18 Trivia Games for Team Building and Work 

Looking for some inspiration to liven up your next virtual get-together? We’ve singled out some of the best team building activities and games you can play online to bring your remote teams closer together. 

1. Online Halloween Team Activity

Looking to celebrate the spookiest time of the year in style? A Halloween Team Activity is the way to go. Get things started with an icebreaker, before enjoying a round or two of fiendishly difficult online trivia. If you really want to test everyone’s gray matter, try a guess the quote or name that tune game. You can even enjoy a Halloween-inspired version of party games like Quiplash.

2.  Holiday Party Games for Office

Even if your teams work exclusively online, there’s no excuse for not celebrating the holiday season. If you’re thinking about hosting a virtual Holiday Party, a virtual trivia game is the perfect way of encouraging some friendly competition among colleagues. Keep things simple with easy trivia questions or up the ante with festive brain-busters about the origins of famous holidays from across the globe. We also have a blog post on how to host a holiday party you can check out.

3. Christmas Party

A Virtual Christmas Party gives remote employees the chance to connect with colleagues and unwind after a year of hard work. It’s also the ideal time to test the knowledge of your teams with trivia games. Load up on Christmas-inspired questions, frame your trivia activities around festive movies, or spice things up with a hit-the-buzzer contest. We also have a template for movie trivia for all the movie buffs out there.

4. Know Your Team

If you’re finding it hard to connect with employees, a ‘Know Your Team’ Activity is a fantastic idea. This unique online trivia game lets you delve deep into the inner minds of the people who make your company work. Get everyone to sketch their secret skill with digital whiteboards, roll out a round of truth or false, or make things more interesting with a team member mysteries trivia challenge. 

5. Journey to the ’80s: Virtual TV Team Activity

Nothing beats a spot of nostalgia. A Journey to the ‘80s: Virtual TV Team Activity is guaranteed to go down well with anyone pining for yesteryear. Task participants with guessing the name of a show based on famous quotes or snippets of iconic theme songs. Alternatively, enjoy a fresh twist on spot the difference with screen grabs from classic ‘80s shows.

6. Groovy ’80s Music Extravaganza

With a Groovy ‘80s Music Extravaganza, you can relive one of the most memorable decades in music history. Start things off with a virtual ‘‘80s word search before moving on to a game of spot the difference or guess the album cover. If you want to make things more difficult, an ‘80s-inspired emoji quiz is guaranteed to leave everyone scratching their heads. 

7. Popcorn Trivia

Everyone loves a great movie. If you’re looking for an online trivia game with broad appeal, Popcorn Trivia is the way forward. Here, every question is framed around famous movies and the stars that have graced the silver screen. A new batch of questions is added every week, meaning you can make Popcorn Trivia a staple of regular meetings and team building get-togethers. 

8. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is another idea if you’re looking for free virtual trivia games for work. Combining the best elements of charades with online trivia, players take it in turn to hold a mobile device above their heads, while everyone else has to offer clues about the word in question. You can take your pick from a wide range of topics, with more than 75 question categories to choose from.

9. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Inspired by the iconic TV game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? makes another great addition to any virtual get-together. Players are tasked with answering 15 questions, with each question harder than the next. With only 60 seconds to answer each one, the pressure is on to make it to the final round. While you won’t walk away an actual millionaire, this game is guaranteed to bring the fun factor. 

10. Logo Trivia Game

If you’re hosting an event with speakers of different languages, you can level the playing field with a logo trivia game. To play this picture-based online trivia game, gather famous logos from recognizable companies, then remove any telltale lettering. With only an image to go by, players need to correctly name the company it belongs to. The first player to buzz in with the correct answer wins a point. 

11. Bingo

There’s a reason why bingo has been popular for hundreds of years. For a fresh twist on the classic game, why not play a game of trivia bingo instead? One player is assigned bingo caller duties, while everyone else marks off their bingo card as names or letters are called. The first person to complete a full line on their bingo card wins. 

12. Who Has the Cutest Pet?

Are any of your employees animal lovers? Reach out to your teams to ask who among them is a pet owner and ask them to send in a photo of their favorite felines, pooches, or other critters. These photos can then be used for an online trivia game to cap off a weekly meeting. Simply display the photos and ask everyone to guess who the animal in question belongs to. 

13. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is a great way of encouraging your team to discover more about each other. To play, ask everyone to prepare three statements about themselves. Two of these will be true, while the third is a bald-faced lie. These statements can be as mundane and outlandish as you want. Once all three have been revealed, use virtual polls to find out which statement everyone else thinks is a lie. 

14. Speed Sudoku 

Sudoku is always guaranteed to give your brain a much-needed workout. This numbers-based game can be difficult at the best of times but takes on a whole new dimension when speed becomes a factor. Simply ask everyone to complete the same sudoku game as quickly as possible. Once they’re done, they can share a screenshot of their completed grid with the rest of the group. 

15. Who’s Workspace Is This? 

A workspace can say a lot about a person. A guess the workspace game is a good way of revealing more about your employees and requires minimal preparation. To play, ask everyone to send in a snap of their home office or work area and display them during your next group meeting. You can use word clouds or polls so everyone else can guess who the space belongs to.

16. Geography Challenge

An online geography challenge will have everyone scrambling for the right answer. Stick to easy questions about famous landmarks or capital cities or venture off the beaten path for trivia inspiration. You can stick to a multiple-answer format to keep things simple or bring some jeopardy to proceedings with a live buzzer feature. Check out our world trivia questions for more inspiration and a ready-made template.

17. Team History Trivia 

History trivia is another good choice if you’re looking to really test the knowledge of your teams. Stick to well-known history topics like key dates in major wars or the lives of legendary rulers. Alternatively, embrace the quirkier side of history with offbeat questions that your team will have a hard time answering. Once again, multiple-answer rounds are a good idea if you want to make things easier. For your next Women’s History month virtual event, have a look at this template.

18. Word Association Game

Word association games make an ideal icebreaker and are perfect for breaking up longer meetings. You can start things off by saying a single word, with the next player having to say the first that comes to mind. The next player picks things up with another word, and so on. Whether you’re theming word association or keeping things random, this game is bound to raise a few smiles. 


What are the benefits of playing virtual trivia games at work? 

Virtual trivia games provide your teams with a chance to unwind and socialize. For companies that operate remotely, this may be the only time outside of formal meetings and email exchanges that employees have the chance to do so. As well as bringing the social aspect back to online work, virtual trivia games can encourage better communication between employees and boost company culture. 

How long should a virtual trivia game last? 

This depends on the type of game you’re playing and whether you’re using them as icebreakers or hosting more of a social event. For icebreaker games, try to keep things brief, with games lasting no longer than a few minutes. 

How do you make virtual trivia more fun? 

For maximum enjoyment, make free virtual trivia games as interactive as possible. Tools like live buzzers, polls, and word clouds are a good choice here. What’s more, you can add the personal touch to your trivia games by framing questions around your company and the people that work there. 

What are some good trivia subjects? 

Struggling to come up with great questions for your next trivia session? Stick to tried and tested question topics like history, geography, and science. If you want to broaden the appeal of your trivia games, you can also turn to music, film, and television for inspiration.

Unleash the Team Building Potential of Trivia Games with Gloww

With so many virtual trivia games to choose from, you’ll have no trouble bringing an element of fun back to remote meetings and online team building sessions. Whether you’re looking for a simple icebreaker to kickstart a monthly review or break down barriers between remote employees, trivia games are the way forward. 

Looking for the perfect platform for hosting team building sessions and virtual trivia games? Gloww has all the resources you need to deliver dynamic events that will appeal to everyone. Take your pick from a huge selection of ready-made templates or customize your own with your favorite games and activities. 

Check out our other articles for more trivia questions for coworkers, as well as some fun 5-minute team building activities if you’re pressed for time.

You can get started with Gloww today. Ready to realize the true potential of team building? Take a look at our premium pricing tiers to access Gloww’s advanced features. If you still have questions about Gloww and what the platform can do for you, get in touch with the team. 

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Ben Aflalo heads Gloww's product team with over two decades of leadership experience. Passionate about leveraging innovative technology, he is committed to building products for the greater good.

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