160 This or That Questions to Keep Your Team Engaged

Ben Aflalo
Ben Aflalo

Head of Product at Gloww

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Colleagues don’t always click. However, it’s rarely a case of personality clashes and office drama. In a workplace full of wallflowers, it can take a long time for the ice to thaw and social dynamics to develop. It’s even more of an issue if you’re working remotely. Fortunately, workplace dilemmas like this one are easily resolved with team-building activities. 

While you can assign your employees to teams and test their knowledge with fun trivia questions, a game of ‘this or that’ is a more effective icebreaker. Participants are forced to choose between one of two options, with most questions being farcical in nature. You can draw inspiration from vacation preferences or entertainment picks, as well as your organization. Not sure where to start? Below, you’ll find 160 ‘this or that’ questions for work that you can put to use today.

Funny This or That Questions

1. Garlic breath or body odor that reeks of onions? 

2. Shaved head or 80s mullet for a year? 

3. Neon polka dots or popped collars? 

4. Briefs or boxers? 

5. No more Thanksgiving turkey or bon voyage to birthday cakes? 

6. Stuck in an elevator with an ex or school bully? 

7. Showers or baths for the rest of your life? 

8. Fame and fortune or find the love of your life? 

9. The power of telepathy or the ability to turn invisible? 

10. Turn back time or travel into the future? 

11. Become a celebrated pianist or rock and roll frontman? 

12. Swap bodies with someone you know or with a perfect stranger? 

13. Relive a day from your past again or get a glimpse of one in the future? 

14. Win the car of your dreams and unlimited gas or free Uber rides for life?

15. Get another hour of sleep every night or an extra week of paid vacation? 

16. Swap lives with a complete stranger or regress and redo your own life from scratch? 

17. Sacrifice a prized possession to learn a new skill or trade in someone else’s for the same reward? 

18. Take a trip to the moon or head back in time to see the dinosaurs? 

19. Spend a day with your childhood hero or have your student loan paid off in one fell swoop? 

20. Learn a new language or receive an upgrade in the looks department. 

funny this or that questions

Company and Industry-Specific This or That Questions

21. Can recite the entire employee handbook or didn’t know there was one? 

22. Can remember every last second of the most recent quarterly meeting or can’t recall who chaired the session?

23. Can recite the company’s core values and mission statement or would struggle to spell the name of the business? 

24. Can comfortably identify three key industry competitors, or can’t quite determine which industry sector you’re actually in? 

25. Know exactly how many vacation days they have left to use up or have already maxed out their allowance? 

26. Daily huddles or weekly progress meetings? 

27. Feel supported by colleagues or struggling with zero communication? 

28. Understand current company objectives or are you still focused on last year’s milestones? 

29. Knows exactly who to contact about what or would struggle to arrange a paid vacation day? 

30. Happy with the onboarding process or still feeling unprepared for your role? 

31. Have all the hardware you need or are missing some of the bare essentials? 

32. Had enough team-building for one lifetime or want more opportunities to connect with colleagues?

33. Desperate for more training or feel overskilled for your role? 

34. Proud to be working with the best in the business or looking elsewhere for more lucrative positions? 

35. Are you in it for the long haul or is your current job a stopgap? 

36. Love nurturing client relationships or dread having to reach out to customers? 

37. Excel at sales or can’t quite clinch the deal? 

38. Know you’re in the right position or feel as though you could be of better use in another role? 

39. Confident that you’re appreciated in your role or always looking over your shoulder? 

40. Always occupied with the next task or struggling to find enough to keep you occupied? 

Company and Industry-Specific This or That Questions

Work-Life Balance This or That Questions

41. Shorter office hours or longer weekends? 

42. Better pay or more recognition by your peers? 

43. Team player or solo operator? 

44. Extremely organized or occasionally chaotic? 

45. Yearn for direction or do your own thing? 

46. Early starts or work into the evening? 

47. Love the hustle and bustle of a busy office, or thrive in silence? 

48. Down tools at the end of the day or take your work home with you? 

49. Happy where you are or want to climb up the ladder? 

50. Keep in touch via email or touch base over the phone? 

51. Handles constructive criticism well or fights any kind of negative feedback? 

52. Feeling self-assured or crippled by insecurities?  

53. Need the evening to reboot or fill every available hour with something exciting? 

54. Not enough hours in the day or always have some spare time on your schedule? 

55. Worried you’re not doing enough or feeling frantic and overworked? 

56. Constantly telling your spouse about work or do they have no idea what you actually do? 

57. Struggles to express what you actually do or can sum up your role in five words or less? 

58. Starts the day like someone on a mission or dreads the morning alarm? 

59. Always on top of things or terrified that the towering to-do list isn’t getting any smaller? 

60. Feels secure in their role for the foreseeable or frantic that you can’t picture where you’ll be in six months? 

Pop Culture This or That Questions

61. Make time for phone calls or text messages only? 

62. A proud Amazon Prime subscriber or sticking it out with Netflix? 

63. An unashamed binge-watcher or someone who takes things one episode at a time?

64. Watch the evening news or fire up funny videos on YouTube?

65. Stay connected via Facebook or only interested in Instagram? 

66. Android aficionado or Apple forever? 

67. The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? 

68. Digital downloads or vinyl records?

69. Fast fashion victim or connoisseur of pre-loved clothing?

70. Buy new or make a saving with secondhand items? 

71. Dog lover or cat person? 

72. Budget-friendly labels or designer fashions? 

73. Prefer to be cashless or always use notes and coins? 

74. Bold trendsetter or trend follower? 

75. Oprah Winfrey or Ellen Degeneres? 

76. Ever the snappy dresser or happy to keep it low-key and casual?  

77. Serious news or late-night discussion shows? 

78. Always hungry for the latest celebrity gossip or couldn’t care less what the A-list is up to? 

79. Not picked up your remote in years or the television is never off? 

80. Never without your tablet or still tethered to a desktop computer? 

Movies and TV This or That Questions

81. Romantic comedies or slasher movies for date night?

82. Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley? 

83. Original is best or open to remakes? 

84. Subtitles or dubs? 

85. In line for your ticket on opening night or waiting for the home video release?

86. Alien or Predator? 

87. 3D or IMAX? 

88. American Idol or The Voice? 

89. The Simpsons or South Park? 

90. Stay up through the night to watch the Oscars or haven’t been to the movies in years?

91. Subscribed to every streaming service or still think Netflix mails out DVDs? 

92. Still have sleepless nights about how Game of Thrones ended or can’t see the appeal of the whole fantasy genre? 

93. Caught up with every Marvel television show or still not gotten around to watching Iron Man? 

94. Obsessed with 80s movies or crazy about contemporary cinema? 

95. Pay the premium for HBO or wait for the DVD?

96. Seek out spoilers or watch the drama as it unfolds? 

97. American procedurals or Scandi noir dramas? 

98. British comedy or American sitcoms? 

99. First time’s a charm or okay with sequels?  

100. Still love your childhood favorites or have no interest in nostalgia? 

Drinks This or That Questions

101. Sparkling or still water? 

102. Three teaspoons of sugar in your coffee or sweet enough? 

103. Stick to mocktails or brave the punch bowl? 

104. Pumpkin spiced latte or hazelnut mocha? 

105. Orange juice with pulp or smooth OJ all the way? 

106. Ditched dairy for plant-based alternatives? Almond milk or oat milk? 

107. Full-bodied reds or crisp light whites? 

108. Fine with tap water or is it bottled or nothing? 

109. Tangy apple juice or tart OJ? 

110. Drink at home with friends or max out your credit card at the bars? 

111. Flat white or Americano? 

112. Are you having a tonic or lemonade with your gin? 

113. Stick to spritzers or shots and shooters until dawn?

114. Artificial sweetener or the real thing in your coffee? 

115. Whipped cream or marshmallows with your hot chocolate? 

116. Filter coffee or espresso? 

117. Chamomile or peppermint tea before bedtime? 

118. Coca-Cola or Pepsi? 

119. Give up alcohol or kick your caffeine habit for good? 

120. Chilled in the fridge or swimming with ice cubes? 

Food This or That Questions

121. Do you like your eggs sunny side up or over easy? 

122. Swear off Chinese food forever or say farewell to pizza for good?  

123. How do you like your popcorn? Salted or sweet? 

124. Load up on appetizers or save room for dessert? 

125. Sugary cereals or heart-healthy oatmeal? 

126. Snack on savory flavors or indulge your sweet tooth? 

127. Authentic home cooking or takeout every night? 

128. A drizzle of honey or a squirt of maple syrup? 

129. Award-winning menus or fast food favorites? 

130. Sushi or sashimi? 

131. Play it safe with familiar dishes or brave far-flung flavors? 

132. Three full courses or an epic taster menu? 

133. Take charge in the kitchen or let someone else handle cooking duty for the night? 

134. Authentic recipes or fusion cooking? 

135. Chopsticks or forks? 

136. Breakfast for dinner or leftovers for breakfast? 

137. Big portions or mini meals? 

138. Deliciously sweet desserts or a cheese course? 

139. Cook from scratch or fake it with a frozen dinner? 

140. Light lunches or midday banquets? 

Food This or That Questions

Travel This or That Questions

141. Decide between a weekend trip away or a summer-long sojourn? 

142. Reach for your phrasebook or hope they speak English? 

143. Family getaways or solo adventures? 

144. Window seat or aisle? 

145. Holiday romance or down with love? 

146. Pay full price for souvenirs or haggle like a pro? 

147. Scenic train journeys or direct flights? 

148. Fast food favorites or local delicacies? 

149. Stick to a travel budget or break the bank and indulge? 

150. Play it safe with city breaks or brave it off the beaten track?

151. First-class flights or five-star hotels? 

152. Pick a travel companion. Whiniest childhood friend or worst ex ever? 

153. Budget-friendly backpacking for a month or five-star luxury for a week? 

154. Balmy beach resort or alpine ski lodge? 

155. Worst-ever sunburn or never-ending jetlag? 

156. Lost luggage or stolen smartphone? 

157. Stick to your itinerary religiously or trust some local recommendations? 

158. Local guide or go it alone? 

159. Culture and history or cosmopolitan hotspot? 

160. Lots of travel buddies or lone-wolf adventuring?  

Take Team Building to the Next Level with Gloww

Whether you’re planning a round of virtual team trivia or want to engage employees with ‘this or that’ icebreaker questions, you’ll need the right platform for connecting a remote workforce. Gloww is a full-featured video conferencing software that offers all the tools you need for team-building activities, online meetings, webinars, and more. 

Check out our virtual world trivia questions for more fun. For movie buffs, we also have a movie trivia template, as well as a mini trivia for a quick activity. The choice is yours!

Ready to unveil your first round of ‘this or that’ icebreakers? You can get started with Gloww right now. If you want to learn about our advanced features, explore what’s included with our premium pricing tiers. Got a question? Get in touch with the team today. 

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