Fun Trivia Questions and Themes for Coworkers

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Ben Aflalo

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fun trivia questions for coworkers

If you’re looking to engage your remote employees with team-building activities, trivia games are hard to beat. Whether your employees are testing their mettle individually or playing as part of a team, trivia questions are guaranteed to leave everyone scratching their heads.

Unlike other team activities, putting together a trivia session virtually is incredibly simple. Provided you have a reliable conferencing platform at your disposal, all you need to do is come up with a list of fun trivia questions for coworkers. Need some suggestions? We’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire you. 

What Are the Best Trivia Questions for Remote Team Meetings? 

This really depends on the work meetings you’re holding. Are you kicking off a weekly get-together and want to play trivia to break the ice? Think about using some questions based on current affairs. 

Alternatively, put the focus on your business and bring some company and office trivia questions into play. Perfect for ensuring new hires have taken everything in during virtual onboarding, they’re also a useful tool for employee engagement

The Best Themes for Trivia Questions

If it’s your first time hosting trivia games with remote teams, it might be easier to build your questions around a single theme. Need some inspiration? Try these go-to trivia question topics for size: 

Music Trivia 

Music trivia questions are perfect for testing pop culture vultures. When coming up with a good trivia question, you can keep it simple by tasking teams with guessing the name of a single or album. If you want to make a trivia game more exciting, ask teams to name every member of a band or pick out five charting singles for a particular year. 

fun trivia questions to boost team spirit

Team Trivia 

Team trivia competitions are a great way of encouraging better communication between team members. Kick things off with some open discussion or a virtual get-together where attendees are encouraged to share tidbits about their lives and interests. Then ask specific questions that will force players to remember what they’ve learned. Looking for more fun team-building activities? Turn things into a game of company trivia, using your core values and client list to come up with questions. 

Movie Trivia 

Everyone loves movie trivia questions. You can go with the obvious and pick blockbusters like Star Wars or Harry Potter, or pick out less well-known classics to test everyone’s gray matter. Movie history trivia questions are particularly good if you’re assigning players to teams. 

trivia questions for coworkers

World Trivia 

Geography trivia questions are another staple of virtual team-building sessions. You can play old favorites like guess the capital city or name the smallest countries in the world. Perfect if you’re challenging dispersed teams based across the globe. 

fun trivia questions for coworkers

Sports Trivia 

Not everyone’s an avid follower of American football or tennis, making sports trivia questions a good idea if you want to put as many people as possible through their paces. You can task players with naming the winning teams from major world championships, or delve rulebooks and regulations for question inspiration. 

9 Entertaining Trivia Questions

Need to draft up some killer questions for your next trivia session? Below are just a few brilliant brain busters worth trying out for size: 

Which animal hibernates longer than any other? 

Here’s a great one if you’re looking for animal trivia questions. If you’re framing this one as a multiple-answer question, throw in a few red herrings from the animal kingdom. While many people’s first instinct will be to answer bears or sloths, it’s actually the snail that hibernates for the longest. In fact, some species have been known to hibernate for three years. 

Juniper berries are a key ingredient in what alcoholic drink? 

Here’s a great question to ask if you’re folding some trivia into a virtual happy hour. Even self-proclaimed connoisseurs will have trouble answering this one if they don’t pay attention to the ingredients list of their go-to drink. The obvious answer here is gin, although the Slovak specialty borovička is also made from juniper berries. 

What sea does the River Thames flow into? 

If you’re looking for geography-inspired trivia questions and want to avoid obvious ones like largest and smallest country, here’s a great one. Players based in the United Kingdom or Western Europe probably won’t find this one too much of a challenge. However, for remote teams from further afield, it’s bound to leave them scratching their heads. The answer is the North Sea. 

Which country has the most vending machines per person? 

This general knowledge trivia question is one of the most challenging around. While the United States has the most vending machines overall, it’s Japan that boasts the most machines per capita. Currently, there are more than four million weird and wacky machines scattered across the Land of the Rising Sun. 

A giraffe’s tongue is what color? 

This is one of the more popular fun trivia questions you can use to mix things up. Technically, the answer is a combination of blue and black, but if you want to play fair, you should accept blue as an answer. What’s the reason behind this unusual pigmentation? That extra melanin protects the giraffe’s tongue from sunburn as it feeds from the tallest treetops. 

Coprastastaphobia refers to a fear of what? 

If your teams are finding the usual general trivia quiz questions too easy, try this one on for size. You might struggle with pronunciation, but it’s bound to put the brainiest members of your team through their paces. Coprastastaphobia is actually the irrational fear of constipation, with sufferers going out of their way to avoid certain foods to ensure they avoid gastronomical upsets. 

What toy was the first to be advertised on television? 

Here’s another classic question to spice up a virtual trivia night or fun-filled Friday get-together with employees. Players of a certain age have probably owned a Mr. Potato Head at some point or other, but most will be surprised at just how old this Hasbro classic actually is. Invented in 1949, Mr. Potato Head was broadcast into the homes of millions of Americans when it was advertised on television back in 1952. 

How long did the longest game of Monopoly last? 

There are actually a few different answers to this classic pop culture trivia question. The longest game ever reported ran for an incredible 70 days, although it’s yet to be accepted by Guinness. There are also claimants for the longest game played underground, the longest game played in a treehouse, and more.

How long was the longest wedding veil ever worn? 

If you’re keen to the ante with your next general knowledge quiz, reach for some recent records that not everyone will have heard about. In 2018, a bride in Cyprus broke the record for the longest veil ever recorded. The headpiece in question measured a staggering 6,962 meters. 

How Can I Use Gloww’s Virtual Team Trivia? 

With Gloww, you have a huge selection of customizable team trivia templates to choose from. Take your pick from ready-made templates that you easily tailor to your favorite sports, history, and science trivia questions. 

You’ve plenty of themes to choose from, ranging from team trivia games to movie and music centric-sessions. Start things off with a word cloud warm-up, lay down the rules by sharing an agenda, then delve straight in. Once everyone’s worked their way through a round of multiple-choice questions, you can let everyone know how well they’re doing by displaying an updated leaderboard. If those multiple-choice questions are proving too easy, make things more interesting by bringing Gloww’s live buzzer feature into play. 

FAQs: Team Trivia for Work Meetings

Why should you bring trivia games into play during meetings? 

Trivia games are handy for engaging remote employees. If you’re splitting players into teams, they’re perfect for encouraging teamwork and collaboration. 

How can I incorporate trivia into work meetings?

You can keep things simple by starting a meeting with a few trivia questions, or set aside some time in your schedule for an afternoon of trivia-packed fun. 

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What are some unique trivia questions and topics? 

If the usual history questions and pop culture puzzlers are proving too easy, delve into the weird and wonderful instead. Turn to offbeat world records or unusual translations of book and movie titles for inspiration.

Take Trivia Sessions to the Next Level with Gloww

Ready to take team-building sessions to the next level? Perhaps you’re looking to spice up your next weekly meeting. Whatever online get-together you’ve got planned, trivia questions are perfect for engaging your remote teams. Now you’ve got plenty of inspiration for creating killer trivia questions, you’ll need a reliable platform to host your next meeting. With Gloww, it couldn’t be easier to create captivating online sessions and team-building events. Get started with Gloww today, or explore our pricing plans to discover more about premium features. Still have questions about how your brand can unlock the full potential of the platform? Get in touch with the team.

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