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Webinars are one of the most useful tools you have for targeting new customers and turning indecisive buyers into lifelong clients. However, without an effective webinar marketing strategy, you’ll struggle to nurture leads, drive conversions, and cement your company’s status as a market leader. 

If you’re still fairly new to the concept of webinars, putting together a killer marketing strategy can seem daunting. However, nailing a great marketing campaign isn’t all that difficult. Ready to get started? Read on for everything you need to know about taking your webinar marketing strategy to the next level. 

What is Webinar Marketing?

When we refer to webinars, we’re talking about online events where a speaker or panel of speakers deliver a presentation to a remote audience. When it comes to webinar marketing, the ultimate goal is usually lead generation. 

Here, marketers can promote products and/or services, showcase features, and raise brand awareness. As with any successful webinar event, marketing webinars need to be interactive and engaging. A killer webinar should be loaded with valuable content, nudging webinar attendees to take the next steps or commit to a purchase. 

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all webinar format in the marketing sphere. As well as product showcases, demos, and sales pitches, webinars can take the form of thought leadership events. Some webinars bring together expert guest speakers for panel discussion events, establishing a brand as an industry authority and knowledge leader. 

Why is Webinar Marketing So Vital? 

For new and established brands alike, webinar promotion is a powerful tool for engaging with potential customers. An effective webinar marketing strategy can nurture existing leads and generate new ones. By informing and engaging with your target audience, this customized communication channel can take your marketing efforts to the next level, bringing the leads and conversions you’re looking for. 

Webinars Are Engaging and Interactive 

A great webinar will engage and inspire your audience, maintaining their attention for longer. Along with valuable insights from guest speakers, audiences benefit from valuable webinar content and have the option to engage with experts and other attendees via live polls and Q&A sessions. Looking for fun activities to kick things off? Check out our list of 49 icebreakers, as well as how to spice things up when needed.

Establishes Credibility 

If you’ve already confirmed webinar registration with an attendee, they’re a warm lead that can be nurtured relatively easily. You should have a clear enough idea of pain points, which you can readily address and provide resolutions to in an upcoming webinar. 

It Delivers Conversions

When executed well, a webinar gives your service or product a chance to shine. Provided your webinar topic has some scope for interactivity, you’ll have no trouble showcasing the USPs and standout features of what you’re offering. What’s more, the option to answer questions from attendees in real-time means you’re pulling all the strings. If your goal is higher conversion rates, webinar marketing is one of the most useful tools in your arsenal. 

Lead Generation

Great webinars generate leads. Even the most basic promotion strategies will provide you with a wealth of assets for future marketing efforts. Once you’ve built up a contact list for direct sales and email marketing purposes, you can continue to reach out to anyone who might be interested in exploring your products and services. Marketing automation tools can make the follow-up even easier. 

webinar marketing strategy

Choosing the Right Webinar Platform: Gloww

Have you had bad luck with webinar software before? All of that is a thing of the past. With Gloww, you have all the tools you need to convert online audiences into lifelong customers. 

Thanks to a suite of powerful editing tools, you can ensure every webinar is on-brand, every time. Choose from ready-made templates and customizable layouts, or create your own webinar sessions from scratch. 

Looking to encourage attendees further along the sales funnel? Engage your audience with interactive elements like word clouds, live polls, and call-to-actions. Keen to establish yourself as an authority? Make your webinars shine with HD video and music, and other awesome features. You can use your own content or, take advantage or take advantage of a huge library of multimedia assets to enhance your sessions. 

Tips For Creating a Successful Webinar Marketing Strategy 

A strong webinar marketing strategy should not only entice your target audience but also needs to establish your brand as an industry leader and turn warm leads into sales. Does your webinar market strategy need some work? Below is a step-by-step guide to ensure your promotional campaigns are as ironclad as possible. 

Step 1: Establish Clear Goals and Objectives

What do you actually want to get out of hosting a webinar? Are you focused solely on lead generation? Are you looking to drive sales? Perhaps you’re looking to establish your company as a thought leader. Once you’ve nailed down your objectives, you can ensure you’re making effective use of your resources. What’s more, clear goals will make it easier to measure the success of your webinar. 

Step 2: Identify Target Audience

You’ll only be able to deliver a great webinar marketing strategy if you have a handle on your target audience. It’s important to create buyer personas that underline key information such as buyer location, budget, pain points, and expertise level. Once you’ve captured all this information, you can more easily create webinar content that’s going to engage with your target audience and deliver the results you’re looking for. 

Step 3: Create a Webinar Landing Page

There’s no point in hosting a webinar if you haven’t created an optimized landing page for it. If all goes well, a webinar attendee is going to want to learn more about what you’re offering. Their next destination will almost always be a webinar landing page. As well as reinforcing the USPs laid out in your webinar content, don’t be afraid to create some urgency with call-to-actions. 

Step 4: Develop a Detailed Work Back Schedule

Start by setting a date for your webinar. Once you’ve done this, determine what project tasks need to be completed and start hammering out deadlines. A work back plan means those webinar project milestones will always be met. Furthermore, you’ll be able to structure social media and webinar email campaigns successfully. 

Step 5: Carefully Select a Webinar Topic

You can refer back to your buyer personas here. Webinar content should appeal to the interests and pain points of your audience. If you want to capitalize on trends, see what competitors are doing. If you’d rather produce content you can use for years to come, think about evergreen topics instead.

the best web marketing strategy

Step 6: Foster Alignment with Customer Success and Sales Teams

If your focus is on lead generation and sales, make sure you’re involving customer success and sales teams. Their expertise can be incredibly useful for fine-tuning your webinar marketing campaigns. What’s more, you can turn to your sales team for insights if you’re keen to include customer advocacy studies in your webinars. Once your webinar is done and dusted, these teams can also step in to nurture leads and reach out to attendees. 

Step 7: Determine the Most Suitable Channels for Your Webinar Marketing Campaign

None of the above matters if people don’t actually attend your webinar. Thankfully, you have many promotional channels available. If you already have a large contact list, email marketing can be an effective way of drumming up interest. Social media advertising is also worth exploring if you’re appealing to a target audience that uses these channels. Paid advertising is another option. Think about using pay-per-click campaigns or promoting your event in industry publications. 

Enhance Your Webinar Marketing Strategy with Gloww

No matter how good your webinar content is, it’s only going to strike the notes with your target audience if you’ve invested in a great webinar marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to nurture warm leads or land new ones, a compelling marketing campaign will ensure maximum attendance and yield the conversions you’re looking for. 

Does your marketing strategy need some work? Kick things off by underlining your key goals and objectives and identifying your target audience. Once you’ve done that, take the time to create an optimized webinar landing page. Next, draw up a work back schedule to make planning for those project milestones straightforward. You’re then ready to single out a captivating webinar topic that’s going to set you apart from your competitors. 

Of course, you’ll need the right platform to create and host your webinars. With Gloww, you have all the tools you need to design on-brand experiences that are going to make the right impression with potential leads. Make life easier by taking advantage of our customizable layouts, engage your audience with interactive elements, and enrich each slide with HD video and audio assets. 

You can start creating your next webinar with Gloww today, and make your webinar from scratch if you like. We also have some cool ready-made templates that include our light virtual webinar template, colorful webinar template, and pale blue template.

Need to record your webinar? Here’s our how-to guide. We also have articles on running hybrid events, and product launch events for your other event-planning needs.

If you want to explore some of our advanced features, take a look at our premium pricing plans. If you still have questions about how Gloww can help enhance your webinar content, get in touch with the team. 

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